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Sustainability work

How Seroponics works with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

We are determined to make environmentally friendly choices in our company. Therefore, we have chosen to eliminate all plastic we can in all parts of our company. We want to be a sustainable company and that it shines through when you buy our products 😄

As a company that sells products, we can never be emission-free, but we can make choices that reduce the total impact we contribute.


Our targets of focus 


Target 2.1 Universal access to safe and nutritious food

From a study done on lettuce grown in Europe, performed by the Swedish food agency, they found pesticide residues in 85 % of the samples. With our system, users can grow their lettuce without residues.

Target 2.4 Sustainable food production and resilient agricultural practices

Storms and irregular weather patterns make it harder to grow today than ever before. Half of the lettuce in Sweden, 30 000 tonnes, is imported each year, mainly from Spain. Lettuce mainly consists of water, meaning almost 30 000 tonnes of imported water. Growing in our systems indoors help both these issues.

Target 12.2 Sustainable management and use of natural resources

Hydroponic systems reduce water by 70-90 %, pesticide by 100 % and fertilizers by 60 %.

Target 12.3 Halve global per capita food waste

Halve global per capita food waste. Crops grown in our system never go bad the way store-bought crops do. When harvested they also just grow out again.

Target 14.1 Reduce marine pollution

Our system not only uses less fertilizer, but the fertilizers are also contained in the system and won't leak out to water sources.


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