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About us

Seroponics aims to offer efficient and self-watering cultivation systems. We want to make it possible for customers to eat salad and spices without maintenance, every day, all year round. 💚 With a striving for low climate impact and which can also be recycled in a circular product flow. This means that all materials in the products must be recyclable and reusable, and that the manufacturing and recycling process must be as simple as possible. 🌍

Our ambition is to skip the plastic. Even when using recycled plastic, the plastic mixture needs some new plastic. We prefer materials that can be recycled to 100%, such as aluminum. 🦾

Our vision is to make cultivation at home a matter of course. We hope to inspire sustainable thinking and lifestyle. 🥗

Picture of the Seroponics team

We are three engineers with a mechanical background and our idea began to be designed when we started growing our own chili plants. To optimize the plant environment, we started reading and then fell into hydroponic cultivation. Our internal engineers thought that we could build together the world's cruelest cultivation system. 👨‍🔧⚙️

The first prototype was built of a plastic box, drain pipe and some electrical work. Through further testing and transition to 3D printing, our first products and also our knowledge of hydroponic cultivation were rolling. 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

We are currently sitting at Blekinge Business Incubator in Karlskrona. From here, the company's development and web shop are run. 

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