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Seroponics develops and manufactures hydroponic indoor gardens. The goal is to create products with a complete life-cycle. Meaning the used materials must be recyclable and reusable.

Our ambition is to skip the plastic. To use recycled plastic, the plastic batter needs has to have some added new plastic. We prefer to use materials that can be recycled to 100%, such as aluminium.

Our vision is to make cultivation at home an obvious element. We hope to inspire sustainable thinking and lifestyles.


Three mechanical engineers whose idea started when we started growing chillies. To optimize the environment for the plants, research begun. During the search, hydroponic farming was discovered. The engineers inside us thought that we could do that ourselves.

The first prototype was built from a plastic box, drainpipes and a little electricity crafts. Through testing and a transition to 3D printing, the products and knowledge in the world of hydroponic cultivation were developed.

We are now located in premises belonging to Blekinge Business Incubator in Karlskrona. From here the development and shop are run. Welcome!